Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to travel to Jungle Livinn?

If travelling from Chandigarh it will hardly take 2 and a half hrs to reach Jungle Livinn. One who is travelling from Delhi will reach within 7 hrs. You can relax and enjoy the natural beauty on the way. Visit our attractions and discover some spots to visit on the way down and around Chail.

What do you need to bring for our stay to be perfect?

The cottages are self contained with your linen and towels provided. The kitchen has all you need.

  • Don’t forget to bring some sturdy walking shoes.
  • Birds are in abundance so bring a pair of binoculars to enjoy the bird life.
  • Remember your camera for those special moments to capture.

Can I smoke on the property?

The cottages are smoke free. Smoking is catered for on your verandah, so you can still enjoy the scenery and birdlife. Due to fire risk you are asked not to smoke around the property during summer months. Please dispose of your cigarette butts in containers provided.

Do you have internet access?

Internet access is not yet available at the cottages, but you are welcome to check emails at the office, where free wifi is on offer.

Do you get mobile reception on the property?

There is no problem in mobile reception received at Jungle Livinn. One can easily make calls from any connection.

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